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A Cancer man and Gemini woman do have promise as a couple in spite of how different they are. Find compatibility analysis for dating, sex, marriage and work.

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I know that I am intelligent, because I know Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Today's Star Ratings Your general mood. Sex Hustle Vibe Success. Card of the Day The Chariot Are you ready to move forward? Read more. Today's Reading Choose your cards. Read full quote. March Monthly Horoscope Summary for Libra: March is strong for making significant adjustments, getting your daily routines and self-care systems into order, and doing editing or revision in your work, dear Libra.

Fortunately, you have plenty of support for these activities! Attempting to push ahead new initiatives is not advised for now, however, as there can also be some complications involved, although they're nothing you can't handle. This is due to Mercury's retrograde from the in your work and health sector that requires some need to redo, refine, and reconsider matters in these life departments. March can be a busy month for you with extra details to manage before you can feel that you are truly done and ready to move forward, so aim to be as patient as possible and work at getting things right -- you'll thank yourself for it later!

Entirely new endeavors may be on the horizon, but for now, you'll be in a better place if you focus on works in progress. There may very well be some gems from the past that you overlooked and are now seeing in a new light. Of course, you'll need to approach things differently to get different results, but oftentimes it's the timing that was off. The recycling of projects and ideas can be extraordinarily successful now. This is a time for handling details that may have been missed in the past, reorganizing, clearing up clutter, and attempting to bring more or better structure to your daily life.

The New Moon on the 6th motivates you to take charge of your health, self-care initiatives, and work. There may be a project going on that is in development stages that consumes much of your attention, or you could be handling matters that help you get more organized and feel more in control of your life. Uranus moving into your solar eighth house on the 6th is a significant ingress.

While you had a taste of it last year, Uranus will now stay in your intimacy sector for the long haul -- until This, along with Mars transiting here most of the month, is another indication of the need to make adjustments this month. During this long-term cycle, unexpected events can occur that nudge you along a different path.

Insight into your finances or something in your intimate, inner life may emerge. It's a period of freeing yourself from compulsive behavior that may have been holding you back from growing and thriving. Or, you might experience a moment of truth that motivates you to kick a bad habit and to live a freer life as a result. The ways that you share yourself and your money are set to change and evolve over the coming years. Sudden developments in the financial or emotional support you receive are possible. This can also be a highly creative time for handling money, talents, and relationships.

Libra - Weekly Horoscope from 18th March to 24th March 2018

The important thing with this Uranus transit is to open up to alternative, new, progressive, or non-traditional ways of doing things without throwing practical considerations out in the process. Your private world and shared resources can be unpredictable and unusual, but also inspiring and exciting!

Daily Horoscope 2 December, 12222

Uranus typically brings us a lesson in detachment to areas where we may be attached to our detriment or in ways that stunt our growth. Your intimate life and inner world are animated this month, not only due to the influences of Uranus but also because Mars has been moving through your sector of intimacy and shared resources since mid-February, stirring things up, and continues to do so through to the last day of March.

Mars doesn't appreciate facades, slow processes, or ignoring problems so that wherever it goes, there can be some trailblazing and perhaps rude awakenings at times, but also some useful truths and resolutions to challenges. Ownership, debts, support, or power dynamics problems might come to a head in March, but for the most part, you're taking charge and in the lead with these things.

You could be digging up interesting information now, and research of all kinds can be very beneficial. The 20th brings the Sun into your partnership sector as well as an emotional Full Moon in your sign.

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Emotions bubble up to the surface with force, and others may bring surprises into your life, or you surprise yourself as you awaken to strong feelings that you previously hadn't acknowledged. It can be difficult to fine-tune your approach precisely the way someone else in your life wants you to behave, and besides, you're itching to express yourself!

Horoscope of the week March (3 – 9)

Your best bet is to tap into frustrations and snatch up the energy for creative inspiration. Consider that impatience itself is what's tripping you up more than anything now.

You could feel entirely driven to put an idea into action or to pursue a line of thought this month, especially if it's related to family, home, health, or work. You can become very excited about an idea or project and can devote a lot of time investigating or researching and developing it. You're especially productive with your work and enthusiastic about pursuing a health program or fitness routine. You want results! You're ready to toughen up in certain areas if it means making improvements and progress.

You may be finding resolutions to long-standing problems, particularly related to your family or personal life. Improvements may involve putting something that has run its course behind you, decluttering, reorganizing, or unloading or unburdening a secret or problem. You can draw upon the inner courage to address an issue or face the elephant in the room.

With Mercury retrograde from the , it may not be the best month for brand new projects, but you can be determined to rebuild or rework things to your benefit.

Libra Horoscope | Jessica Adams | Astrology

Back to Monthly Horoscopes Main. Until March 20th: The Sun continues to spotlight your solar sixth house. This is a busy period that finds you tending to many different details of your daily existence--your work, various projects, organization around the home and office, your daily routines, and health matters. Your ego may be especially tied up in the work you do, so that you are proud and more creative than usual in your job. You may be in the position to take charge in your work, or to take charge of your health and diet.

Sometimes this cycle relates to increased activities involving pets. You seek to perfect your skills or methods now, and you focus on the parts that make up the whole now in order to improve your daily life. As a result, you can be more critical than usual, but this process is necessary for you to sort out what works for you and what doesn't. From March 20th forward: The Sun illuminates your seventh house. At this time of year, you have a greater need than usual to be with a partner.

Bouncing ideas off someone helps you to better understand yourself. A partner provides a mirror for your own self-discovery. Now is the time to realize your own potential through a significant other. During this cycle, you focus on balancing your personal interests and objectives with your social life, or with those of a partner.

The emphasis is on "us" rather than "me". You need the energies, companionship, and support of other people, and they may also seek out your support and companionship. It's important to include others rather than to go solo for the time being.


However, bending too much to the will of another is not advised either. Social interactions of a personal, one-on-one kind are emphasized. Circumstances are such that your diplomacy skills are required. Your popularity is increasing, and is reinforced by your own ability to cooperate and harmonize. Your ego and pride are tied up in how you relate to others now.

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  4. This may be an especially busy time for people who consult or work with clients one-on-one. At work, it's time to pick up a new skill. You never know when it will come in handy!

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