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From the Account Settings page, enter your desired new password in the two fields below "Update Password" and press the "Save" button to confirm the change. The paper places particular emphasis on instances of human and animal inventive and ingenious behaviour in the early modern American context: from the unique comportment of certain creatures to various cunning practices involving artefacts and materials.

Portraying a dingo and a kangaroo, these images were among the first to depict recently-discovered Pacific flora and fauna for a European audience. Yet Stubbs — whose paintings of animals were valued for their anatomical precision rooted in direct observation — had never actually seen these creatures.

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Situated between specimen and spectacle, this paper will show, these images created a framework for visualising Pacific exploration that shaped not only how British audiences imagined the remote region but also how scientific knowledge about it was disseminated to a wider public. Presented by : Surekha Davies , Utrecht University. Isabel Van Paasschen , Yale University.

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Pamela Mackenzie , Ph. Candidate, University Of British Columbia. Ashley Gonik , History, Harvard University. Julia Marino , Princeton University. Moderators Johan Schot. Marsha Richmond , Wayne State University. Bernard Lightman , York University. The original concept was to provide one full session for graduate students to present a five-minute talk on their thesis project followed by a five-minute question period. If anyone goes over their 5 minute presentation time they lost the time from their 5 minute question period.

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Graduate students were invited to submit proposals on their topic and these proposals were evaluated by Janet and John. The meeting program chairs were not involved in the selection process but were asked to find a morning slot for the session. The Executive Office managed the announcement inviting proposals and was responsible for collecting them for the presidents.

The fourteen best were selected to be presented at the Flashtalks session.

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  5. It was thought that having the presidents co-host the session would add lustre to the Flashtalks and indicate how important graduate student participation was for the annual meeting. This session generated a lot of interest and encouraged graduate students to participate in the HSS meeting. They were permitted to also present a paper in a session if it was accepted. Marsha was invited in order to attract more proposals. We had about ten more proposals than we had spaces.

    The session was a success, attracting a healthy audience and the graduate students who participated appreciated the feedback. It does not appear that SHOT has set up flashtalks for their conference. At their spring meeting in the Executive Committee suggested that presidents, or their representative societies, should only be invited when there were joint meetings. Mineral commodities were an important topic of inquiry in early modern earth sciences that have largely been overshadowed by debates over the age of the earth.

    This flashtalk will situate gemstones in seventeenth century natural philosophy and commercial networks across the Indian Ocean. I argue that the trade routes that linked these two domains of activity reveal an underappreciated preoccupation with precious minerals in early modern earth sciences. The historiography of Richard Owen has focused on certain aspects of his character; from his difficult personality, rivalries, keenness on power to his museum enterprise and his standing-point on transmutation. However, an integral understanding of him still lacks in the literature. More specifically, of his years in the Royal College of Surgeons — a period that remains in the shadow of Darwinism.

    As a little-explored arena, the former is particularly discussed. Together with an analysis of his socio-political and intellectual capitals, this paper offers a synthetic approach where single behaviours are not over-interpreted, but normalised. Therefore, it challenges the long-held vision of an overwhelmingly defensive and power-centred naturalist. The Dutch anatomist Dr. Frederik Ruysch is best known for his artfully embalmed anatomical specimens. Between roughly and , Ruysch displayed this collection inside his family home in Amsterdam.

    To do so it draws on two previously understudied sources. This source reveals an intimate social environment which revolved around personal relationships. Exhibitions are social constructions in which information and archives are selected by professionally diverse teams, whose work may be influenced by institutional and financial contingencies. In natural history museums, expography has drastically changed during the last two centuries.

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    Scientific and museological practices are fundamental factors influencing these changes. The increasing circulation of objects, bibliographies and professionals among European and American museums may also have influenced exhibitions design. Inasmuch as the history of museography in relation to its own circulation in natural history museums is still incipient, this thesis proposes to identify ways of display that represent museological and scientific practices in Brazilian and Portuguese natural history museums, by analyzing five contemporaneous exhibitions in which "biodiversity" is a central concept.

    After reviewing the literature on history of science and museology, we constructed a matrix with indicators which allowed us to recognize different expographic patterns, from the nineteenth century until nowadays. We identified overlapping of ways of display, once in the same exhibition there were different types of representations of scientific practices and concepts.

    Our preliminary results show that even exhibitions designed after still have specimens displayed according to design patterns typical of the previous centuries. Although we noticed the importance of researchers and their practices in the conception of exhibitions, different patterns in the same space and narrative indicated the existence of other factors affecting the ways of display. Identifying the origin of these factors will allow us to establish a panorama of influences on science representation in museological institutions. Presented by : Pamela Mackenzie , Ph.

    The world he went on to describe, however, did not include any of the typical features one might expect from a treatise on the exploration of new territory. There were no coastlines there — no mountainous regions, no lakes or valleys. Instead, the place he described consisted of roots, seeds, vessels and membranes. Nehemiah Grew was one of the earliest people to conduct a detailed exploration of plant life with the use of a microscope.

    The things he discovered had he had no language to describe. In the presentation of his research, Grew borrowed freely from other knowledge systems in development at that time, including bookbinding, the study of animal anatomy and his own vitalist metaphysics. One of the most striking features of how he framed his research was in the language of territorial expansion. Grew's reference to the imperialist project was more than simply a rhetorical appeal by Grew; rather it was central to both the discursive and visual language he developed around his work.

    Natural sciences in the thought of Jabir ibn Hayyan. When Islamic civilization dawned by the emerge of Islam in the seventh century AD, the seed of knowledge was fertilized in the Islamic realm and it was after about a century i. This is the beginning of a period of flourishing of Islamic sciences, known as the Islamic golden age. This era is full of scholars who have sought for knowledge, and performed original scientific works.

    The study of nature was one of the branches of knowledge at that time, which had considerable progress in association with other branches of knowledge.