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A Cancer man and Gemini woman do have promise as a couple in spite of how different they are. Find compatibility analysis for dating, sex, marriage and work.

Also both are fashion-conscious and can be usually depended to turn out smartly and appropriately for every social occasion. These traits together with the fact that both the Snake and Monkey are foodies and like to cook and host, makes them not only a highly sociable couple but also one which enjoys similar kind of company.

Sexual incompatibility is often a major cause of couples breaking up even when they may seem to be well-suited in terms of personal traits and social disposition. Thus while the fastidious Rooster may not respond fully to the sexual urges of the Snake, in case the latter is romantically involved with a sign like Monkey, the relationship is most likely to be sexually fulfilling.

Challenges of a Snake-Monkey love match The primary difficulty that the two may face in their relationship is having a radically opposed approach to life. The Snake has a slow and thoughtful way of going about things. They are inevitably calm and collected, even in situations of great stress and chaos.

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They do not believe in running hither and thither, but would rather use their resources of psychological insight to attain their goals. The Monkey loves a good challenge and will happily take a chance if the odds look even fairly good. This is not so with the Snake who would take their own time to think deeply about all the pros and cons of a situation. This kind of difference may lead each partner to misunderstand the other.

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Also the Monkey is a trickster at heart and loves having a spot of fun, even with their near and dear ones. Yet another area of difference between the Snake and Monkey could be finances.

Thus a big chunk of savings may be withdrawn on account of a supposedly infallible tip at the races or at the stock market. And while the Monkey may eventually get back several times the investment, such reckless spending may not appeal to the Snake partner. In the end, it is in their ability to keep each other mentally stimulated and sexually satisfied that would offer the best chances of a Snake and Monkey compatibility. Ultimately, they struggle with trying to find an inner peace so that they can quell their wanderlust.

If they are able to achieve that, however, they find stability. Stability brings appreciation for what they have at home and they no longer feel a need to search out the greener grass of the other side.

Those born under the Chinese astrology sign of the Monkey tend to be alluring and lively. They love fun and need lots of action and titillation. They are very positive and have an array of attractive traits, including a spirited sense of humor and being quite smart. Though it may seem out of character, they are actually very admirable listeners.

Test Now! The monkey male and female have an innate interest in learning as much as they can in a sweeping field of topics. They are also a little selfish. They are interested first and foremost in chasing their own gratifications. Their lighthearted arrogance can lead to issues in all areas of their lives, including the romantic ones.

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While the monkey man or monkey woman can be an entertaining, thrilling partner, there always exists the possibility that they will go astray. Monkeys can certainly land themselves in hot water.

Their trademark flip tone and clever banter can sometimes get them to a spot of forgiveness with those that they manage to offend. They tend to have a cavalier attitude and debauchery that not just anyone can appreciate. Since the monkey is the life of the party, they could care less if everyone likes them or not.

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They will also encounter trouble where restraint is called for. They can have issues with food, alcohol, or any other innumerable gratifying acts. During these moments, they will occasionally show some remorse.

They calm down for a short while and then return to their old ways. Monkeys struggle with putting others before themselves. Like horses, they know how to have an entertaining time. Both tend to jump from one set of friends to another, though their motivation for doing so is vastly different from each other. Horses switch groups because of wanderlust and a need for acceptance and feeling inferior to different peers. Monkeys switch it up because they genuinely enjoy the different people that make up those groups.

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They tend to build another group entirely from those that inhabit the others groups, which makes for an original assortment of friends to call their own. To sum it all up, the horse and monkey as soulmates both change and adapt quite easily. They are warm, self-sufficient, and rational. They can certainly conquer any challenges they face, if they so choose.

On the contrary, in bed, the horse and monkey are sexually most compatible. If they they want to make this Chinese zodiac love match work, they are going to have to learn to be less self-absorbed as individuals and work more towards being a couple and working together. Tags horse love love compatibility Monkey.