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A Cancer man and Gemini woman do have promise as a couple in spite of how different they are. Find compatibility analysis for dating, sex, marriage and work.

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This transit is auspicious for all Cancer natives, however, those associated with glamour and media will especially find the success that they have been waiting for. This time is favourable for your siblings as well. Any mental tension will disappear. With improvement in health, you will find a positive energy in all your work. Mercury transits in your eighth house, which belongs to Scorpio as per Kaal Purush Kundali. Your situation will be average during this transit — not exceptionally bad, but not really good either.

Try to strengthen your economic side. Do not lend money to anyone, otherwise while their financial situation will improve, you will get stuck in the middle. On the other hand, some of you can receive hidden wealth which will improve your conditions. Working professionals need to remain cautious in their workplace. Try to stay away from unnecessary debates and office politics. Be sincere and do not take any decision emotionally.

Mercury will transit in your Marriage House, i. During this time, Virgo natives can fall in love or have a love marriage. This will be a good time period for lovers, and married people as well. Your spouse will feel lucky looking at your ever-blooming and happy face.

You and your lover will communicate freely, which will be helpful in removing all misunderstanding between you. It is favorable time for businessmen as well. If your business is in partnership, then you can gain profits and your relations with your partner will improve too.


Virgo natives will rise in ranks in the society and the brilliance of your speech will get you a new recognition. You will trust on your actions more than your fate, but fortune will also be with you through this time. Enjoy this time. Mercury is transiting in your sixth house, known to be the enemy house in Kaal Purush Kundali, which is not positive for you. Working professionals can face problems during this transit. Miscommunication between you and your colleagues can create misunderstandings, so it is advised that you speak less and mind your own business at workplace.

Economic side can be weak, so do not spend without a plan. Unwelcome travels can upset the businessmen. Avoid debates with women in the society to prevent scandals. Married people should take special care of their life partners, and avoid fighting even if they are angry. Several troubles will probably be eliminated when you receive support from your maternal side. During this time, you will only receive results by working doubly hard.

Mercury is transiting in your fifth house, as described in Kaal Purush Kundali as the house of knowledge and belongs to Leo. Students will attain good results during this transit. Scorpions who are unable to study because their attention keeps wandering can work on strengthening their concentration with meditation. This transit will be good for your love life. People in love will take their relationships forward. Scorpio natives in a long-term relationship can get married too.

Converse carefully with your close relatives, especially if you are younger, and do not overstep your limits, as that can sour relationships. Economic side will remain strong and you can repay any debt during this time.

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  • While getting into lottery or betting is not moral, your stars say that they will be profitable for you. You may get desired results as Mercury transits in your fourth house. This represents comforts and luxuries. People living on rent can now build their own homes, while some Sagittarius natives can buy vehicles as well. Your peace of mind will be felt by your near and dear ones too. Married people will receive much cooperation from their life partners.

    If your mother was facing from health-related problems, she will find some relief now. You can act childish to make her feel better. You will be successful in creating a good image in society as well.

    PISCES 2020 - 2021 Astrology Annual Horoscope Forecast

    Avoid arrogance and remember that anything that you do to show off will provide you with momentary joy but will start irritating you soon. So whatever good work you do, do it for your self-satisfaction, not to flaunt in front of others. The time is good for students as they will get good results. Mercury is transiting in your third house, which is associated with Gemini, according to Kalpurush Kundli. This transit will be very fruitful for you. If you are looking for a job change after a long time, then trying now will get you success.

    An incident can bring changes to your life during this time, that will be positive for you. Your trait of working with full concentration will improve further and you will be able to perform better in various fields in life. In the Year of the Pig, Dog people may not have much attention to concern about their health, but much attention needs to be paid to avoid injuries from physical conflicts.

    Dog fortune prediction in is almost the same as last year, and there is no large ups and downs during this period of time. Chinese Zodiac Dogs, who are engaged in marketing planning, financial, water conservatory or catering projects, will be profitable and get position improvements. Meanwhile, they will encounter some troubles or bad things, but it is easy to tackle. Male zodiac Dogs will have some fortune in the love relationship. They needs to take the initiative to grasp the opportunities; otherwise, they will lose it. Personality of the Dog.

    Best Jobs and Working Partners for Dog. Answers App. Dog Fortune in Overall Luck:.

    Pisces Horoscope – Pisces Horoscope

    Think twice before joining in competitions, stick to the status quo. Avoid gambling or high-risk investments, gain profits in aquaculture. Love and Relationships. Singles get to know potential partners, more quarrels for the married. Dog's Luck by Month Born in Rank in 12 Zodiacs. Sagittarius 2.

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    Aquarius 1. Pisces 4. Capricorn 5. Pisces 3. Aries 6.